The Ultranet

Origin of the Ultranet

A picture of Sarah Connor from the Terminator series

The pseudonym of the Ultranet’s creator is “sarah c0nn0r,” based on the character from the Terminator series, shown above. In the series, Sarah Connor fights against a future where humanity is oppressed by an omniscient AI, a mission that is analogous to that of the Ultranet, which seeks to provide a check on the ever-growing power of the dominant data monopolies.

The Launch

The Ultranet was initially released on February 5th 2020 through a post on reddit that went viral, linking to a technical paper describing a “decentralized private marketplace.” The paper, now linked here, was signed with the name “sarah c0nn0r,” the pseudonym of the Ultranet’s original creator. The paper introduced several new technical concepts such as a “block pool,” now further described here, which it claimed could be used to power a fully-decentralized listings database. The paper described using the breakthroughs it introduced to build a marketplace platform where listings could not be taken down or censored, and where all orders would be end-to-end encrypted. This marketplace was called the Ultranet.

Two weeks later, a github repository was released apparently containing a working implementation of what was described in the paper, along with working cross-platform binaries of the software. Users quickly realized that the software could be used to mine Ultra, a new cryptocurrency native to the Ultranet, or purchase it with Bitcoin using a “built-in decentralized exchange” nested in the software. The decentralized exchange technology, which is further described here, was another breakthrough introduced in the paper to enable the quick exchange of Bitcoin for Ultra as an alternative to mining.

Since then, the Ultranet has attracted a lot of attention attention, sparking much conversation in the crypto community and appearing on many popular cryptocurrency news websites. In spite of its growing popularity, however, still little is known about the project’s original creator sarah c0nn0r.

This Site

Soon after the Ultranet launched, we, the creators of this site, contacted Sarah to learn more about the Ultranet and to see how we could help. We were taken aback by the scope of the Ultranet’s technical improvements over existing blockchain technology and wanted to be involved however we could. After much discussion with Sarah she asked us if we could help set up and manage a more professional-looking website to help educate people about the Ultranet. Thus we created

We are still in contact with Sarah, and we gave her access to upload content to the site, but since then she has been slowly been handing off control to us and other members of the community. If you’d like to help or be involved in any way, please reach out through the contact form, the community, or the Github repo and someone will reply.

Until then, we look forward to building a more decentralized future together.