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    Surviving Our First Stress Test

    The ultranet.one website was down the last two weeks because I was sick and the SSL certificate expired at an inconvenient time. However, because
    hundreds of people continued running their nodes, the blockchain kept producing blocks, all listings were 100% preserved, and people who had already downloaded the software were still able to make purchases and sell items. To put things in a positive light, I would say that the past two weeks were a test of how decentralized and robust this movement is, and we passed with flying colors.

    Rest assured, with or without me, this project will move forward. If the past few weeks have shown anything, it’s that the momentum and support we have behind us very strong.

    Rebooting and Decentralizing the Subreddit

    As discussed in the Ultranet forum, people would like to re-open r/Ultranet I initially closed it because Reddit blocked my account for accessing it via Tor and I grew worried about the risk of hosting our discussions on a centralized platform. However, after further reflection, and discussion with some community members, it seems OK for us to use Reddit just as long as we have the self-hosted Ultranet forum available in case it goes down. As such, the subreddit is now open for posting again.

    Request for Mods

    Since we will be using the subreddit going forward, I need people to help me moderate it. If you would be interested in becoming a mod on r/Ultranet, reply to this email with an explanation of why you would make a good mod.

    Request for Webmasters

    In addition to finding subreddit moderators, I would like to be able to share control of the ultranet.one website itself. If you’re interested in this, you need to have some proficiency with deploying a self-hosted website, or some general software experience. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, please reply with an explanation of your past development experience.

    Thank you everyone for your support during this difficult time. Together we can push the Ultranet to new heights and create the first truly free marketplace.
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